Agro-tourism and Beach resort in Edea-Kribi

Special Tour 02 Days
Kribi, Cameroun The Littoral Region of Cameroon, The South West of Cameroon, The Center Region of Cameroon Tour Guide: Jude Mainimo Mohmekwe

 02 Days and a night to experience agritourism at the SOCAPALM plantations at Mbongo and enjoy nautical pleasures in Kribi

Nsimalen International Airport (Google Map)

Please arrive two hours before the scheduled flight time

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  • 5 days cruise
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  • Airfare
  • 5 days cruise


This tour will take you to an agro-industrial centre where you shall observe the labourers’ camps and appreciate the fraternal coexisting of the workers. It shall give youan excellent opportunity to swim and relax along the exotic golden beaches of Cameroon and to visit with euphoria a unique feature of global geography, the Lobe falls that empties itself directly into the ocean.

Driving from Yaounde to Boumnyebel, home village of national hero and Martyr Ruben Um Nyobe, you will notice that the streets are calling with traders proposing varieties of foodstuff to travellers such as the famous gizzards, ‘’bitter kola’’, coconuts and ‘’mutoumba’’. This cry, to a sleeping traveller is an indicator that one is already at Boumnyebel. An hour of drive will take you to Pouma, home town of the famous artist BLACK ROGERS which announces itself by the presence of clayish granite grounding stones.

Arriving Edea, the electricity city of Cameroon, you shall be able to observe the electricity turbines in the dams in the River Sanaga as well as the isolated Aluminiumcompany and the statutes of the gods and goddessesover hanging the Japoma Bridge also known as the Edea German Bridge, a railway bridge over the Sanaga River. The steel arch of the bridge was designed and built by the Gutehoffnungshütte company, assembled and tested in Germany before being delivered to Cameroon in 1911. It measures 160m in length, and was the largest in Africa at the time of erection. The bridge was the only passage point over the Sanaga River for trains, vehicles and pedestrians until the early 80s. It is now used as a footpath and cycle track.

At the SOCAPALM plantation at Mbongo or again the Dizangue SAFACAMplantation, you shall visit the workers’ camps, the oil palm plantations and the oil palm refinery to see large scale industrial oil palm production.

You shall enter the best geteways into the relaxing pleasures of water through the angelic beaches of Kribi, where you shall sleep at the sea side resort hotel and be tempted to taste the warm barbecues and the bonfires. The aroma at the exotic beach restaurants is pleasant, and the urge to grab a bite is irresistible. This tour shall also take you to the Lobe falls, the unique one in the world that ejects its waters directly into the ocean, in this case, the Atlantic Ocean. At the shores equally, you shall be seduced by the aroma of the bonfires as you shall be able to taste roasted crabs, grayfish and fish as you make a return trip. Arriving Yaounde, you shall be able to conclude as Marcel Praust that  “A true voyage of discovery is not about looking for new landscapes, but about having new eyes”.


Day 1: Yaounde – Mbongo – Kribi 

  • Early morning departure for Mbongo at 7 :30 am by passing through the Bassa villages of Boumnyebel, Pouma and finally Edea before arrival at Mbongo, situated some 45 km away from Edea towards Douala. Arriving Edea, you shall be able to admire the bridge, the dam in the Sanaga River generating electricity and the aluminium factory on an island.
  • Continuation to Mbongo for a three hour guided visit of the camps, oil palm fields and oil refinery.
  • Take-off for Kribi at 2 :30 pm. You shall make a stop over for an hour at a restaurant in Edea for lunch before continuation to Kribi. Upon arrival at Kribi, you shall drive straight to a sea side resort hotel for installation and relaxation along the seashore, and at 8 :00 pm, you shall drive through this city for an hour to experience Kribi at night and afterward dinner and free night for those who care to night-club at the host hotel.
 Day 2: Kribi – Lobe – Yaounde 
  • The following day, you shall have early morning breakfast and thereafter guided tourto the Kribi sea shores for relaxation, strolling along the golden sandy beaches and swimming. Lunch shall be taken at the Kribi sea side resort restaurant before take offto visit the Lobe waterfall. Here, you are free to swim in its fresh water, take photographs and stroll along its golden sandy beach. You will also have the opportunity to taste roasted crab, cray fish (prawn) or fresh water fish along its shores.
  • By 4: 00 pm we must be rounding up for departure to Yaounde. This will give us the opportunity to re-live the experiences of the city of Edea and the stop over villages of Pouma and Boumnyebel but this time at night.
  • Arrival at Yaounde and end oftour.

Tarif:As from 75 000F cfa per participant on the basis of a group of 4pax.

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