Explore the DJA FOREST RESERVE of Cameroon

Special Tour 09 Days and 08 Nights
Région de l'Est, Cameroun The Center Region of Cameroon, The East Region of Cameroon Tour Guide: Jude Mainimo Mohmekwe

9 days and 8 nights Ecotourism adventure under the open air of the virgin dense equatorial rainforest of the DJA RESERVE of East Cameroon.

Yaounde International Airport (Google Map)

Please arrive two hours before the scheduled flight time

  • Airfare
  • 5 days cruise
  • Accommodations
  • Professional guide

  • Airfare
  • 5 days cruise


We shall leave for the discovery of a forest that is dense and preserved since time immemoriable.

This eco-tourism package will take you to the DJA forest reserve where you are excepted to stay in camping within tents, in the heart of the equatorial forest or at the homes of the BAKA pygmies as these authentic forest dwellers immersed you in their world.

You shall have the opportunity to visit a people with the oldest civilisations in Cameroon and the world at large; the Baka pygmies and the “BADJUE” people of East Cameroon.

Several days are required for any visitor to better understand the culture and way of life of these natural people who live very close to nature.

Within the Dja reserve area, we will discover from village to village, the way of life, the beliefs, as well as the ancestral practices of these native people.

We shall discover among others, a magnificent virgin forest, with giant trees, an extraordinary nature which shelters men, the animals and the ecology.

We shall traverse the equatorial rainforest through several indescribable landscapes. We shall sleep in exceptional canopies, formed by the leaves and branches of triennial trees and be seduced by the sounds of the birds, monkeys and other wild animals in the virgin forest. We shall appreciate the beauty of  sunrise in the early mornings, sunset in the evenings and at moonlight at midnight.

Day 1: Nsimalen International Airport – Yaoundé (20.8km)

Arrival at the Nsimalen International airport, pickup by our shuttle and professional certified tour guide and drive to hotel at Yaounde centre town; Installation at a 3 star hotel, late dinner and overnight.

 Day 2: Yaounde – Somalomo (250km)

Breakfast and take off for Somalomo; Arrival and negotiation for entry formalities into the DJA RESERVE; Cross the Dja River through ferry transport; Arrival at the pygmy village and reception by the relay local guide; dinner, animation, and overnight under the tent in camping.

Day 3: Pedestrian walk within the DJA RESERVE

Breakfast and departure to the Schouam village situated some 10 km to visit the Schouam rocks, accompanied by a local guide who will explain the customs of the different village communities we will find on the way; After 7km of pedestrian walk within the forest we shall uncover the buffalo rock overlooking a part of the reserve; Admiration of the nice panoramic view of the forest canopy, stretching as far as the eyes can see; Possibility of observing animals and taking photos of them; Picnic in the heart of the forest; Further discoveries in the forest; Dinner and overnight in tent under tree tops.

Day 4: Pedestrian walk within the DJA RESERVE

Breakfast and appreciation of the sounds of wild birds and animals and enjoy the fresh breeze and waving of branches and leaves of the forest; Possibility to observe animals aroving around the Schouam rock; Departure for the saline of Bali, located about 25 km away; Walk in the forest and observe the natural splendour of life; Camping some 15 km away; Lunch and stroll for further discoveries; Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 5: Further Activities with the DJA RESERVE

Breakfast and continuation to the Bali saline; Arrival and installation in the camp; Lunch and observation of animals in the saline (possibility to see the Elephants, Gorillas, Sitatunga, Bongos, birds, etc …) swimming in the surrounding strams; Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 6: Return to Somalomo

Breakfast and observation of animals in the saline; Pedestrian walk to return to Somalomo; Lunch and continuation;  Dinner and overnight in tent mid-way in the forest.


Day 7: Continuation to Somalomo

Breakfast and early morning observation of animals in the saline; Return to Somalomo; Walking, lunch and relaxing; Continuation of pedestrian walk; Arrival and installation at Somalomo Guest house; Swimming in the Dja River; Dinner and overnight at the Guest house.

Day 8: Somalomo – Yaounde (250km)

Breakfast and take off for Yaounde via Ayos; Brief stopover at the Bifolone Pygmies village; Continuation and arrival at Ayos; Observation of the Nyong River and fishing activities; Lunch of “Kanga” species of fish freshly caught from the River Nyong; Continuation to Yaounde; Arrival and installation in the hotel, dinner in a restaurant and overnight.

Day 9 : Yaounde – Mefou – Yaounde – Nsimalen (83km) (250km)

Breakfast and departure to the Mefou Natural Park to visit the endangered primates; Return to Yaounde and City tour, visit to the National Museum of Yaounde, discover the different monuments of the city; Shopp at the craft centre at Tsinga; Drive to the Nsimalen International Airport; End of tour.

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