Hiking Mont Eloundem for Epic picnic

Daily Tour 01 Day
Yaoundé, Cameroun The Center Region of Cameroon Tour Guide: Jude Mainimo Mohmekwe

This hiking tour for adrenaline will permit you breathe fresh air in one of the managed mountain sites in Yaounde and permit you to be in the clouds, with your feet on the ground.

Douala International Airport (Google Map)

Please arrive two hours before the scheduled flight time

  • Airfare
  • 5 days cruise
  • Accommodations
  • Professional guide

  • Airfare
  • 5 days cruise


This tour essentially for sport purpose is going to take us to one of the mountains in the ‘’City of Seven Hills’’ Yaounde, the Mount Eloundem of 1 159metres of attitude. You shall trek from the Combined Military War Academy (Ecole de guerre) through the Eloundem village where a few exercises shall be done to relax the muscles and practical hiking counsels given such as:

  • Lying down and stretching the legs in case of a muscle cram,
  • Sleeping on the ground, where air is lighter in case of difficulty in breathing,
  • Using your respiratory sprays for persons with respiratory defects,
  • Hiking slowly and in straight line like the ants,
  • High sense of solidarity, sportsmanship and team spirit required.

You shall now start the trekking up the mountain using the narrow path in straight line like the ants by passing the first portion of its slope that is seriously affected by human occupation. Deforestation for farming and construction of human settlement have been carried out for a height of up to 700 metres of attitude.

The intensity of human actions gradually reduces with increasing attitudes as we pass the settlements, farmlands, into the grasslands.

Further hiking for about 40 minutes will take us from the grassland into the woodland that is basically less affected by deforestation.

Hiking this woodland for about 25 minutes, we shall enter the next vegetation type which is a steep rugged terrain made up mainly of rocks with some spotted trees and bananas. Traversing this rugged terrain, the swiftest hikers can use 30 minutes to reach the summit, using approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from the foot. Here, you can take photographs with a picturesque view of the city of Yaounde as far as your eyes can see and realised that you are in the clouds but your feet are on the ground.

Day 1: Yaoundé – Simbock – Eloundem Village – Summit of Mt Eloundem –  Mendong – Yaoundé
  • 6 :00am: Assembly of participants infront of Nicetrip office, mounting the coach and drive to the Simbock neighbourhood.
  • 7 :00am: Arrival at Simbock infront of the Combined Military War Academy. Exercise and start of trekking to the Eloundem village.
  • 8 :00am: Arrival at the Eloundem village and hiking counsels and exercise.
  • 9 :00am: Start of hiking and creeping up the summit of Mt Eloundem
  • 11 :30am: Arrival of all participants at the summit of the mountain, all in the clouds with their feet on the ground.
  • 12 :00pm: Relaxation, apex pic-nic, guided visit to thepilgrimage andwater catchment sites of the mountain.
  • 3 :00pm : Retour to the foot of the mountain through the trail leading to the Mendong neighbourhood.
  • 5 :00pm : Arrival at Mendong, mounting the coach and drive to the office of Nicetrip, awards of trophies and end of sport tour

Price per participant =  As from 10 500frs for a minimum of 20 participants.


This tariff covers the following services: Taxi fare, guides, first aid assistants, walking stick, picnic, mineral water and trophies.

NB:  Whether you are alone or as a couple, in family or between friends, we designed for you and with you original and specific tailor-made tours based on your budget, your age group, places of special interest you want to discover, the time you wish to spend at the visited sites, the transport type, food exigencies and degree of comfort desired.

Yaoundé – Simbock – Eloundem village – Mount Eloundem- Mendong – Yaoundé.

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