Baka pygmies and Koma peoples of Cameroon

Special Tour 15 Days
Région du Ctre, Cameroun The Littoral Region of Cameroon, The Center Region of Cameroon, The North Region of Cameroon, The East Region of Cameroon Tour Guide: Jude Mainimo Mohmekwe

 Jungle adventure to the Baka pygmies and Koma peoples of the North and Southern Cameroon. 15days and 14 nights

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  • Airfare
  • 5 days cruise


This is a cultural and eco-tourism adventure package that strives to unravel the culture and way of life of the BAKA pygmies, the authentic forest dwellers in the East Region and the KOMA peoples of the Alantika Mountains, situated in the West of Garoua, in the North Region of Cameroon. These people have the oldest civilisations in Cameroon and the world at large.

We shall begin the trip in the East to see and commune with pygmies population before returning to Yaounde for a flight to Garoua to see the Koma, still practising the ancient dressing code of covering their sex organs with leaves of trees.

The return flight will land us to Douala, the economic capital, where we shall drive to Kribi, for nautical pleasures and tasting of barbecues and bonfires along the Lobe Falls and Kribi magnificent beaches.

Day 1: Hexagon – Nsimalen International Airport (Yaounde)

Reception at the Nsimalen International Airport, transfer to hotel, dinner and overnight.

 Day 2: Yaounde – Batouri

Breakfast and drive for about 10 hours to Batouri, with several technical stop overs on the way to have some bits and visit some attractions; Lunch at Abong Mbang and overnight in a hotel at Batouri.

 Day 3: Batouri- Yokadouma- Salapoumbe 

Break fast and early morning departure to Salapoube to see the Baka pgymies; Drive for 6 hours to Yokadouma, lunch and then visit of the market; Continue driving for another 5-6 hours to Salapoumbe (bad road); Camping in a pygmy village at Salapoumbe and animation till dawn.

  Day 4: Salapoumbe

Spend the whole day with the Baka pygmies to discover the culture, way of life and daily activities of these simple people; Overnight in camping.

 Day 5: Salapoumbe- Ngatto- Echambot- Lomie

Early morning departure to Lomie; Drive about 4 hours and arrive at Ngatto; Take a diversion through Echambot to Lomie; Drive for another 4-5 hours on a difficult road passing many pygmies and bantous villages; Dinner and overnight in a small hotel at Lomié.

  Day 6 : Lomié – Abong Mbang – Yaoundé

Breakfast and departure for AbongMbang; Driving for about 3 hours and reach Abong Mbang; Quick city tour and and lunch; Drive for 3-4 hours and reach Yaounde; installation in hotel; Yaounde city tour by night, dinner and overnight.

 Day 7: Yaounde – Garoua – Poli

Fly for about 45 minutes to Garoua and then drive from Garoua to Poli village and overnight.

Days 8, and 9: Poli – Wangay – The Alantika Mountain 

Departure to Wangay; Visit the sultan of Wangay and organize trekking for the Alantika mountain; Trekking on the Alantika Mountain to visit the villages of the Koma peoples with a local guide; Camping at Mount Alantica; Visit the maximum possible villages, depending on our physical abilities and state of the roads.

Day 10: Wangay – Garoua – Douala

Drive from Wangay and return to Garoua. Diner in a restaurant and transfer to the airport. Fly to Douala.

Day 11 and 12: Douala – Kribi

Arrival at Douala and transfer to hotel; Free relaxation and overnight; Quick city tour of Douala, and then drive to Kribi.

 Day 13 – 14: Kribi – Lobe falls – Ebodje – Kribi.

Relaxation at the beaches of Kribi; Visit the Lobe Falls; Visit the Ebodje village to see the marine turtles project and also to discover the Bagyeli (Bakola) pygmies of the South Region of Cameroon.

Day 15: Kribi – Douala International Airport – Hexagone

Drive to Douala very early in the morning at about 7:30am, Lunch in a restaurant in Douala; Trip evaluation and drive to the Douala International Airport for return flight; End of tour.

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